the 5 most beautiful bar books in budapest

by human street


Coffee shop – bookshop

In this place that is located in the center of the city you can feel a “vintage and alternative” air, the place is full of books and there is a good crowd of people, there is a bar at the entrance and two rooms where you can sit , at the end there is a small terrace with tables and chairs.

Open from 10am to 7pm.


Kelet Kávézó és Galéria

Coffee shop – bookshop – restaurant.

This place has a certain magic, the lights and the walls full of books give a good feeling, it is a place to visit, it gives the feeling of not being in Budapest but in a street in San Francisco.

There is also the possibility to sit outside, great when the weather is good (spring – summer – autumn).

During the week it is open from 7:30 am, weekends from 9am.

Magvető Café

Coffee Bar and Bookshop

This place has a modern vibe, it’s open space with a bar in the center of the room, it’s all surrounded by books, and when you’re inside you want to open a book or laptop and concentrate on what you want to do. It has a good atmosphere. The bartender was a nice person and let us take pictures, in conclusion this place left a great impression.

Open from 11am – 9pm




This place is located in Buda immediately after passing the Margerita bridge, you can see it from the outside because there is a small terrace and the sign.

At the entrance there is a bar with a large room, instead the room with books is located nearby crossing a small corridor, here there are tables and a large bookcase, you feel like you are in a place where you can read and drink something in silence.

They are open from 11am


Gdansk Könyvesbolt és Büfé

Coffee Bar, Buffet, and Bookshop.

This small place is hardly noticeable from the outside, but once you enter the atmosphere inside is good, it seems to be in a small living room at home, with books and vintage furniture, ideal for having an intimate feeling.

We tried the wine and it was good and the owner is a nice person.

This place usually opens at 6pm.

If you want to support my photographic projects here you can offer me a coffee. Thanks !

the 5 most beautiful bar books in budapest

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