3d Art work

3d is the way to achieve what in reality does not exist or almost

On this page I will illustrate my recent 3d projects from a photographic point of view.

volkswagen van, 3d,

Lately I have learned new drawing techniques, and this is the result, I gave this name Bibi because I liked it it sounded good, the idea was to create a vehicle that represented history, therefore with many signs of wear and that represents the road trip idea, so I chose a vintage volkswagen van.

For the renderings of this vehicle I used what are actually my favorite lenses in real, that is; 85mm – 50mm – 16mm, these are the results

I think the 50mm lens is the compromise to have a wide lens but without too much distortion.

 I used a color gradient similar to the ones I use for the photos in reality, here you can see the difference between the original rendering and the correct one.

Before After
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